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"Concentrated Cleaning Power"

The Teepol brand name originates from the first range of modern cleaning products developed in the UK in 1938 and introduced into South Africa soon after. Ever since, Teepol has retained a special place in its market segments, while continuing to improve and develop new products to meet the evolving needs of our various customers.

Teepol Industrial Product Range:

  • Teepol Blue
  • Teepol Orange
  • Teepol Hard Surface Cleaner
  • Teepol Lensex
  • Teepol Sanicidal
  • Teepol Red
  • Teepol Green
  • Teepol Lensitol
  • Teepol Hand Cleaner
  • Teepol Bike Cleaner

An established range of professional cleaning products, made in South Africa and trusted by customers in manufacturing, mining, industry, construction, agriculture, health-care and government organisations.

Teepol Blue, Orange and Red are non-corrosive, light, medium and high-active multi-purpose detergents for cleaning a wide variety of areas, surfaces and materials. Biodegradable, non-toxic and unaffected by hard water, these products are soluble in hot or cold water and easy to rinse. Also non-toxic and biodegradable, Teepol Green is a concentrated grease-cutting dishwashing liquid ideal for high volume manual dishwashing.

Teepol Hard Surface Cleaner and Teepol Lensitol are mild and high alkaline liquid hard surface cleaners and degreasers, suitable for medium applications, from loosening soils caused by oils, grease and organic material, to heavy duty requirements such as wax-stripping, engine cleaning and degreasing of machinery and metal parts. Teepol Lensex is a powder based, high alkaline degreaser which, when mixed with water can be applied manually, or in high-pressure machines and spray-guns.

Teepol Sanicidal is a general purpose sanitizing deoderiser based on quaternary ammonium compounds. Available scented or unscented, it can be used undiluted where necessary and is ideal for heavy duty cleaning and deoderising of areas such as washrooms and toilets.

Specially formulated to lift road-grime, oil and grease, Teepol Bike is a motorcycle cleaning product that is ideal for loosening and removing bugs and cleaning wheels, as well as engines including hard to reach areas. Teepol Hand Cleaner contains lanolin to provide extra care in protecting skin, while it efficiently loosens oils and greases, fatty substances, inks, carbon residue, wet paint and grime.