Acorn Group of Companies

Acorn is a successful South African group of companies, specialising in fast moving consumer goods. We are owners of leading brands such as Tabard Insect Repellents, Carbro Home Care products, Vapona Insecticides and Teepol Detergents.

When Acorn Products was established in 1996 our name was chosen to symbolise a small seed with enormous potential.

Over twenty years later, our businesses are strong and securely rooted in the markets they serve, as we continue to set our sights on sustainable growth by providing products that ensure our customers have healthier lives and happier homes.

We remain committed to finding increasingly effective and convenient solutions that make a difference to people in South Africa, the African continent and the world at large.


We are an energetic, independent FMCG organisation that includes the following operating divisions

Acorn Products

Our original company focuses on marketing, sales and distribution of Acorn's brands. We are also able to assist other businesses with their products.

Acorn Pharmaceuticals

Our modern, efficient GMP compliant facility, originally established to manufacture Tabard products, is also geared to provide third party services such as contract packing and manufacturing.

Acorn Laboratories

Freshly upgraded to comply with GMP standards, our SAHPRA accredited lab provides quick turnaround times and accurate results for Acorn brands as well as external customers.