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Part of Our nature is to never stop growing

We are a successful South African business that owns a number of popular, established brands including Tabard Insect Repellents, Carbro Home Care products, Vapona Insecticides and Teepol Industrial Cleaning Products.

We provide specific products that ensure people have healthier lives and happier homes. We find effective and convenient solutions that make a difference to people in South Africa, Africa and world at large.

About Us

We Are Owners Of Some Of Southern Africa’s Leading Specialised Brands

  •  Tabard Insect Repellents
  •  Carbro Cleaning and Home Care Products
  •  Teepol Industrial Detergents
  •  Vapona Insecticides
  •  Tabard Equine Health Products


If you are interested in representing our brands in your country please get in contact with us.

Business Units

Acorn products

Widely experienced in sales, marketing and distribution of Acorn brands and our partners' products.

Acorn Laboratory

Aiming to always be at the forefront of progress by consistently improving and expanding.

Acorn Pharmaceuticals

Contract packing and manufacturing for the home care, personal care and pharmaceutical industries

Tabard Repellents

Trusted Throughout Africa

Originally introduced to the South African market in the 1960’s Tabard remains one of our best known and most trusted insect repellent products. Tabard personal insect repellents are manufactured by Acorn Pharmaceuticals to the highest standards, under strictly controlled conditions accredited by the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA).

Tabard Insect Repellent

Includes an aerosol, lotion, roll-on and stick to suit your preference.

Citronella Candles

Indoor or Outdoors, Day or Night. Available in 3 convenient sizes.

Tabard Equine Health

For the control of flies, stable flies and mosquitoes on horses.


Veterinary surgeon Dr. Glynn Catton

Carbro Products

Developed to make home care easier by providing exactly the right product for each job

Carbro Range of Products

Carbro is South Africa's original and leading range of specialised home care products.

Kitchen and Bathroom

Cleaning stove plates, cooking tops, kettles and urns, steam irons, shower heads and more.

Around the House

Good-as-new shine and performance to your household appliances and surfaces.

Convenience Range

unique invention that makes faster, mess-free toasted sandwiches in any electric toaster.

Vapona Insecticide

Kills ants, cockroaches, flies, fish-moths, moths, mosquitoes, fleas and lice

The Vapona brand in Africa has been owned by Acorn Group since its acquisition from Shell Chemicals in 1996.

Vapona "Bin-Kill"

Vapona Bin-Kill's resilient aerated plastic holder is stronger to withstand more movement and severe use. Includes a strong cable-tie that is used to fit the aerated holder securely to the lid of any standard wheelie bin.

Vapona Room and Cupboard Exterminator

Once opened and utilised in its aerated cardboard holder, the pesticide is released through continuous vaporisation to create an effective insecticidal atmosphere lasting for up to 90 days.

Vapona AG - Agriculture

Developed specifically for use on banana plantations, Vapona-Ag is a pesticide impregnated plastic strip with a fumigant action for the control of banana thrips and mites. All Vapona products are registered with DAFF.

Teepol Industrial

"Concentrated Cleaning Power"

The Teepol brand name originates from the first range of modern cleaning products developed in the UK in 1938 and introduced into South Africa soon after. Ever since, Teepol has retained a special place in its market segments, while continuing to improve and develop new products to meet the evolving needs of our various customers.

Teepol Industrial Product Range:

  •  Teepol Blue
  •  Teepol Orange
  •  Teepol Hard Surface Cleaner
  •  Teepol Lensex
  •  Teepol Sanicidal
  •  Teepol Red
  •  Teepol Green
  •  Teepol Lensitol
  •  Teepol Hand Cleaner
  •  Teepol Bike Cleaner



Distribution Partners Wanted

We want to build closer relationships in all African countries and territories with established businesses who are dealing with retailers and wholesalers in the areas of sales, merchandising and distribution. If your company has a robust infrastructure, a portfolio of brands, energetic sales people and proven distribution into retail and wholesale outlets, we would like to invite you to apply for our Elite Partners Program.

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Acorn Head Office


+27 11 704 6100

Office Address

Units 8, 13-14 Northland Corner Mini’s, Northlands Business Park, Newmarket Road, North Riding, Gauteng, South Africa


+27 11 704 6100

Office Address

Units 8, 13-14 Northland Corner Mini’s, Northlands Business Park, Newmarket Road, North Riding, Gauteng, South Africa