"The Right Stuff"

The Carbro brand offers a unique product selection created for a wide variety of cleaning and home care solutions. Developed and manufactured locally for decades, Carbro is South Africa's original and leading range of specialised home care products. Many Carbro products help appliances last longer and work more efficiently, saving our customers time, money and electricity.

The Carbro range includes the following:

  • Kettle & Steam Iron Cleaner
  • Shower Head and Tap Cleaner
  • Washing Machine and Dishwasher Flush
  • Glass & Ceramic Cooking Top Cleaner
  • Stove Plate Cleaner and Restorer
  • Hot Iron Cleaner
  • Non-Scorch Iron Shoe
  • Sliver Brite, Brass Brite & Granite Brite
  • Kleentex Fabric Stain Remover
  • Toasted Sandwich Bags


Because life's too short to spend it cleaning, Carbro products are designed to bring good-as-new shine and performance to your household appliances and surfaces. No hassle, just great results!

A tried and trusted favourite, Carbro Kettle and Steam Iron Cleaner cleans and de-scales all kinds of kettles, water heating urns and steam irons, while our Shower Head and Tap Cleaner works similarly to clear nozzles, allowing water to run freely again.
Yet another comparable product, Carbro Dishwasher and Washing Machine Cleaner is used to remove stubborn grime, grease and detergent residue from appliances, enabling them to run more smoothly and smell clean and fresh again.
Cooking tops as well as stove plates benefit from the use of Carbro products, while our Hot Iron Cleaner quickly removes draggy residue to make ironing smoother again. The Carbro Non-Scorch Iron Shoe fits all kinds of irons and is another well known favourite for preventing damage to delicate clothing.
In addition to our unique Kleentex Stain Remover for upholstery, textiles, fabrics and carpets, we also manufacture Granite-Brite Brass-Brite and Silver-Brite water-based cleaning and polishing solutions. Last but not least, Carbro Toasted Sandwich Bags are another unique invention that makes faster, mess-free toasted sandwiches in any electric toaster.