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Soothes and calms insect bites and stings

As the manufacturers of Tabard insect repellents, Acorn Group have developed a mutually beneficial sales and distribution alliance with the makers of Bite & Sting Relief cream and spray. We believe it’s not often somebody can say ‘there’s nothing else quite like it’. But new Bite & Sting Relief products really do fit into that category. This is an itch relief and soothing cream or spray for symptoms associated with various insect bites and stings.

Products include the following:

  • Bite & Sting Relief Cream (25g)
  • Bite & Sting Relief Spray (25ml)

Natural Active Ingredient | Fast Acting | Soothes & Calms

Bite & Sting is a topical antihistamine and anti-pruritic which rapidly relieves itching and soothes the affected area. Citronella has been added as a repellent. Handy and very effective, these products have been developed for people with active outdoor lifestyles, who may often come into contact with insect bites, stings and irritants. What makes Bite & Sting Relief truly unique is a patented natural active ingredient called CEM-K (Ecklonia maxima kelp).

What is CEM-K?

CEM-K is clinically proven to soothe inflamed skin and acts as an anti-pruritic. It is a patented, natural active ingredient derived from the sea kelp through a proprietary manufacturing process. The reduction in inflammation and soothing results of CEM-K were confirmed by clinical studies. CEM-K was shown to reduce erythema rapidly, with a longlasting effect and is therefore effective for reducing itching and inflammation.