Tabard Insect Repellents

  • Originally introduced to the South African market in the 1960’s Tabard remains one of our best known and most trusted insect repellent products. Registered as a Schedule 0 medicine, Tabard personal insect repellents are manufactured to the highest standards under strictly controlled conditions accredited by the Medicines Control Council of South Africa.

    Tabard insect repellents include the following

    • Tabard Stick (30ml)
    • Tabard Lotion (Available in 150ml and 50ml sizes)
    • Tabard ozone-friendly Aerosol (Available in 150g and 70g)
    • Tabard Fabric Guard (150g)
    • Tabard Citronella Candles (Available in 120g, 240g and 930g sizes)
    • Tabard Decorative Candles and Night Lights

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