Acorn Laboratories

  • Established in 2006, Acorn Laboratories is equipped with all the necessary safety and analysis support equipment to cater for the agricultural, food & beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

    Our laboratory is working towards nationwide recognition in the chemical analysis industry and aims to always be at the forefront of progress by consistently improving and expanding. Our unique Service offering includes:

      • Method Development and Validation
      • Food, Pharmaceutical, pesticide and Agricultural Testing
      • Bioequivalence Studies
      • Stability testing
      • Regular progress updates
      • Import reanalysis
      • Continuous Service monitoring and improvement
      • Flexibility to be able to move into new analysis areas that clients may request
      • Sample collection
  • Acorn Laboratories has the following analytical capabilities:

      • HPLC – UV-Vis and Refractive Index detection
      • UV-Vis Spectrophotometric analysis
      • GC flame ionisation
      • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry
      • Titrations (colorimetric and potentiometric)
      • Tablet/Capsule dissolution testing
      • Wet chemistry

    Acorn Laboratories runs on a well established database system controlling:

      • Sample receiving
      • Record traceability
      • Chemical & reference standard monitoring
      • Internal network based control of Standard Operating Procedures
      • Results reporting and back-ups offsite
      • Trend analysis
      • Stability data

    Acorn Laboratories is MCC accredited.

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