Acorn Products

  • Acorn Products (Pty) Ltd consists of two business units:

    • FMCG Division, responsible for representing our brands and those of our partners to the Retail and Wholesale trade
    • Industrial Division, which operates a national stockholding and distribution network for products such as Teepol Industrial Detergents in the commercial and industrial sector

    Acorn Products are positioned to stand out amongst other brands and our unique selling proposition combines practical marketing support with distinct value. Here’s why adding your product to our portfolio will facilitate the support and infrastructure necessary to launch and boost your brand:

    • Comprehensive Marketing
    • Sales
    • Distribution Infrastructure

    We also offer the following individual out-sourced segments:

    • Trade Marketing, Distribution, Sales and Merchandising
    • Distribution, Sales and Merchandising
    • Sales and Merchandising Only
  • Acorn is in daily contact with all major retail and wholesale chains, as well as various other store types throughout Southern Africa – Including:

    AutoZones, Builders Warehouse, Cape Union Mart, Clicks, Discom, Game/Dion, Markro, Metcash, Midas, OK, Hyperama, Pick & Pay, Shield, Shoprite/Checkers, Sportsmans Warehouse, Trade Centre and Woolworths, as well as Pharmacy Wholesalers and Retail Pharmacy Outlets.

    Our nationwide team of Sales Representatives and Merchandisers will:

    • Collect orders and ensure sufficient stock pressure
    • Merchandise the products to their best potential
    • Compile Reports on competitor’s activity
    • Monitor damages and assist in good stock return
    • Ascertain why orders are not being delivered on time

    To get the exceptional service and expertise of the Acorn Group behind you today, contact