Developed by Shell Chemicals in 1965, the brand has retained its leading position through a combination of efficiency and long lasting action

    • Independent laboratory testing proves 100% “knock-down” for up to 90 days
    • Ensures that rooms and cupboards remain insect-free
    • Continuous action insecticide strip that provides long lasting control against ants, cockroaches, flies, fish-moths, moths, mosquitoes, fleas and lice
    • Safe for use near people and domestic animals


    Cupboard Exterminator (Small – 20g) – Effective in a space of 0.9 square meters

    Room Exterminator (Large – 73g) – Effective in a room of 30 square meters

    Agricultural Strip (Extra Large – 104g) – Impregnated plastic strip with fumigant action, for the control of banana thrips and mites on bananas

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