Carbro Convenience

  • Ease of use
    Using this product is as easy as placing sandwiches in the toaster bags and putting them in a toaster. Once the toast holder is lowered, the toasting process starts, resulting in delicious toasted sandwiches

    More time
    With Carbro’s toaster bags, toasted sandwiches are ready in a mere two to three minutes. In addition, the bags are 100 percent non-stick, making them easy to clean, thus saving consumers even more time. The bags can be washed in warm, soapy water or in a dish washer

    Value for money
    Every pack includes two, reusable toaster bags’

    Kwik ‘n Easy toasted sandwiches can be enjoyed at home, work or wherever a toaster is handy

    Energy efficiency
    When compared to traditional methods of making toasted sandwiches, the bags help to save electricity and to contribute to energy savings

    The toaster bags can also be used to heat pastries, pizza slices and chicken nuggets, among others

    Something extra
    We are in the process of updating the recipes. Please check back soon!

    CLICK HERE to Download the Carbro toaster bag recipes