Carbro Around the House


    Carbro Colour Capture – wash with confidence whilst keeping all your colours brighter
    Carbro Tough Stain Remover Stick – the stain remover that goes to work exactly where you need it
    Carbro Washing Machine & Dishwasher Flush – improves performance and lifespan of washing machines and dishwashers
    Carbro Hot Iron Cleaner – feel your iron glide again
    Carbro Non-Scorch Iron Shoe – prevents scorching and excessive heat damage to clothing


    Carbro Braai Mat – conveniently keeps ‘small food’ from falling through the grid
    Carbro Oven Liner – the answer to faster, more economical oven-care and cleaning
    Carbro Hot Plate Protector & Restorer – protects and restores solid stove plates
    Carbro Kettle & Steam Iron Cleaner – cleans and de-scales kitchen appliances
    Carbro Shower Head Cleaner – restores and de-scales shower nozzles

    CLICK HERE to view the Carbro Colour Capture “How-to-Guide”

    CLICK HERE to view the Material Safety Data Sheets