• tabard

    Tabard Insect Repellents

    Originally introduced to the South African market in the 1960’s Tabard remains one of our best known and most trusted insect repellent products.

  • carbro

    Carbro Products

    Developed and made in South Africa to tackle a variety of specialised cleaning jobs, Carbro products have been a household name throughout the country for many years.

  • teepol

    Teepol Products

    The Teepol Industrial range has an established reputation for quality, efficiency and value across its full range of Detergents, Degreasers and Disinfectants.

  • vapona


    Developed by Shell Chemicals in 1965, the brand has retained its leading position through a combination of efficiency and long lasting action.

  • drift


    SABS approved cockroach killer that remains active for up to 6 months. The active ingredient, Hydrogen Borate, is commonly known as Boric Acid and is not poisonous to people or animals.

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  • carbro

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